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Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Italeri, Preiser, Panzer III mit Panzerfahrer

I continued the painting on the Panzer III by Italeri. It is the first time I try to make a camouflage. I think I have to paint it one more time´. A highlight of the edges and a wash will follow. The figure is from Preiser and I like it because of the pose.

Ich habe beim Panzer III zum ertsen mal versucht, eine Tarnlackierung hinzubekommen. Da muss ich mit SIcherheit noch nacharbeiten. Dann noch die Ecken hervorheben und ein washing für die Vertiefungen und zum "Verschmelzen" der Tarnschemen. Die Figuir ist von Preiser und die Pose finde ich einfach nur großartig.


  1. I see what you mean about painting it one more time. Have you tryed airbrush?
    Love the figure by the way.

  2. Good work

    I like a dark wash over a vehicle to emphasis the shadows and cracks.

    That way you can be bolder with the camo patterns and fix an extra in a highlight to the camo colours too.

  3. It looks all right for a first attempt, I find a good black primer coat helps a DPM scheme to no end.

    The figure really adds a bit of life to that Mk III, great choice.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. As you can see in the newer post I tried to follow your helpful suggestions. The results are o.k for me as a first try. I`ve got a second Panzer III and we will see if there will be any developments in my abilities to paint a camo scheme ;-)