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Freitag, 10. September 2010

Comet, Revell, 1:76

I repaired the Comet and continued the painting. Nearly finished now.

Ich habe den Comet repariert und weiter lackiert. Fast fertig!


  1. Nice job, I notice the track join in the first picture, you could hid this with a bit of mud.

    I tend to have track joins on top of the wheels being hid by the side skirt, did it break?

  2. Hello Paul, the track breaks because this was one of the tanks "blown by the wind". I had to glue it. Thank you for the hint with the skirts. I usually have the the track joins on the bottom, because I hiede it in Dioramas with dirt. But this one is for wargaming purposes and will follow your hint in future projects.