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Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

Valiant, British Tommies, 1:72

Here they are. Finished and ready for action. Perhabs another layer of matt varnish is needed, but then....

Hier sind Sie. Bereit zum Einsatz, vielleicht fehlt noch eine Schicht Mattlack, mal sehen.


  1. Nice work Mork6969, they look excellent. I love your Marder tank destroyer in your blog header. It bring back a lot of memories from my days of WWII war gaming. I moved on but not far, now I play fantasy and sci-fi.

    Keep up the blogging,
    my WFB blog
    my WFB Gallery

  2. Nice ones!

    They look excellent my friend!
    Nice and distinctive details!

    Keep up the great work!


  3. First class job, these boys are also on my painting list

  4. Thank you all for your nice words.
    Hello Sigmar, nice to meet you. The Gun in the header is a "Wespe", not a Marder.
    @Geordie: I like these Valiant figures. I´ve still to sets of Germans and one sprue of the G.I.`s on my workbench.