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Montag, 20. September 2010

von Auerbergh vs. Mork, 500 Punkte

Here you find some pictures of my first game "Behind Omaha". I played the german side. To make it short: First game, first defeat. It was a great victory for the brits played by von Auerbergh. I will add some details to this post during the next hours/days but I`m short at time in the moment. Sorry for that!

We played 500 points each side on a 120 * 120 table. First picture shows my forces.

The british forces by von Auerbergh. One Staghound was played as a sherman.

The two pictures above show the situation after the second move.

The panther knocks out a halftrack. My first hit (and the only one)

The panther is knocked out by the Firefly.

My Pak 40 hits the Firefly, but only one damage point.
That was it, all Landmarks were conquered by von Auerbergh. My forces left couldn`t do much, so I surrendered.


  1. Good little report. Always good to get a few games under the belt.

  2. Thanks Paul. It was a lot of fun and I´ve learned a lot.