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Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Armourfast, M 36 "Jackson", 1:72

Beside the Loghouses I recieved two Fast-Assembly Kits from Armourfast. The M 36 and the Cromwell. Today I will show you the M 36. I only stick it together, thats why it looks strange on the backside. After gluing it will be a nice vehicle. As you can see, the turret needs some equipment and a figure. The kit contains two different MG´s and two jerrycans.

Neben den Blockhäusern habe ich auch zwei Bausätze von Armourfast erhalten. Den M 36 und den Cromwell. Hier seht Ihr den M 36. Ich habe ihn nur zusammen gesteckt, deshalb hängt der hinten so durch. Wenn er geklebt ist ist das ein schönes Modell. Der Bausatz enthölt zwei unterschiedliche MG´s und zwei Benzinkanister. Der Turminnenraum ist natürlich sehr nackt, da muss Ausrüstung drauf und natürlich eine nette Figur.


  1. Hi mate!
    I have bought both of these kits. The M36 is a nice model (suitable for wargames), and it is painted very easily!
    The Cromwell, was one of my latest acquisitions. I am only in the building part yet!
    Let's compete to see who's going to finish them first! :-)
    Good luck in painting them mate!

  2. I love the Cromwell, cannot wait to see your take on it.

  3. I also rather love the Cromwell. Goes together spectacularly well for very little effort. I should look into getting another box to finish the Troop.

    I've got a pair of M10 Achilles floating around too, and I've got *somewhere* a link saved to a looooong forum post of someone hyper-detailing the kit. The only *really* useful part for the casual modler/serious gamer is the gun breach, which very nicely fills up an oddly bare turret internals. If I find it I'll be sure to post here.

  4. Hey Thanos, I think I have no chance in a competition this time ;-) because I have a paintjob for a customer and I will be off for a buisness travel next days. But I wonder how your Cromwell will look like. I believe it will be great work as ever!
    I think I can build the Cromwell today, but painting has to wait.
    @Arquinsiel: I would be glad if you could post this link, Thanks!