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Montag, 15. November 2010

Blockhaus, Pegasus, 1:72

On Saturday I got my ordered Loghouses from Pegasus. i couldn`t resist to start painting the first one. Not finished yet but a nice modell. I`ve got four of this and one with two floors. A nice little village. I also started builidng the Pak, but it is too soon for pictures.

Am Samstag kamen meine bestellten Blockhäuser und ich musste einfach mit dem Lackieren anfangen. Das ist natürlich noch nicht fertig. Ich habe vier von diesen und ein zweistöckiges. Ein nettes kleines Dorf. Ich habe auch mit der paK angefangen, ist aber noch zu früh für die Bilder.


  1. Is the roof supposed to overhang like that on one end? Looks strange.

  2. Hello Laffe. I know it looks strange, but I was in a hurry when making the pictures. As you can see in the second one, it isn`t glued yet and I haven`t put it on properly. My fault...Sorry!

  3. Good day my friend!
    I've made a ''How to paint Pegasus log houses'' paint chart. Do you want me to send it to you?
    If so, my mail is :

  4. Nicely painted, handy building that

  5. Looks great.must dig out mine and have a go,hopes it turns out as good as yours.

  6. Thanks a lot. It was the first try and it isn`t finished, 3 more to come. I keep you informed, mates.