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Sonntag, 7. November 2010

Deutsche Infantrie im Mantel, Caesar, 1:72

Weekend at last... Time to start new figures. This time German Army with field grey coat from Caesar. I think I can finish them tonight.

Endlich Wochenende... Endlich Zeit, ein paar neue Figuren zu lackieren. Deutsche Infanterie im Mantel von Caesar. Ich denke, heute Abend werden sie fertig.


  1. I saw these somewhere on the web...PSR I think and i didn´t think much of them...but here they look good. Are you going to shade them?
    Greetings Paul

  2. These look very good. Nice that there is a set of great coated Germans out there.

  3. Thank you both. As you can see in my new post four of them are finished.