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Montag, 3. Januar 2011

And now to something totally different....Knights, First Projekt 2011

When you follow this Blog you could see that all the posts of the past deal with warfare of the 20 th century. Now for the first time I will show you a new Projekt from the Middle ages.
The reason why? My son starts to interest in Kinghts and on the 1st of January he asked if I could build a castele and give him some knights to play with. Fortunately I had a view figures in my Stock. So we started to build a castle and I started to paint the Minis. Here speed and a colorful style are most important, because you know the impatience of children and he likes colours. I think, for 2 days work it is a good start. As the boy is on holiday for the rest of this week I will present the finished castel at weekend. (I hope so)!


  1. One of my biggest dreams when I was a child!
    A castle for my knights!!!
    You are a very thoughtful father Andreas!!!
    Good luck!!

  2. Aha!!! You should be start with one or two knights and then the colours start to look very attractive and before you know it you have several hundred of them...
    Nice idea. I did the same for my son but with 54mm bods, unfortunately it didn´t get him into wargaming or painting :-( but it wasn´t my intention anyway and I had fun with them myself.:-)

  3. 2011 is going to be the year of the knights?

    Nice work, the castle looks promising. Did you carve the stones into the wall is that a ready to go thing you can buy somewhere?

  4. Nice to see some Father and Son bonding!

  5. Thanks! I must say that I started painting Minis again 3 years ago with knights for my other son. So these aren`t the first ones. I will take a look in his room if someone survived...
    @Maurice: No, 2011 is the year of building and painting everything as fast as I can lol.
    The wall is Styrodur. It had horizontal lines carved in when I bought it. I added the vertical lines with a ball pen. After painting it will look all right.