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Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Behind Omaha Game from 3rd of January

On last Monday we played a game "Behind Omaha". I was very late and when I arrived, the battle was in the last stage. The battlefield was covered with destroyed tanks. I joined with reinforcments worth 400 Points (1 Jagdpanther, 1 StuG 3, 1 Kübelwagen, 1 Mororcycle, 1 Pak 40 and 2 Infantry-Platoons. The opponents (von Auerbergh & Muradin) also get reinforcements worth 400 Points. They played the U.S. and britsh troops and B.S., Deaddragon and I played the german side. At the end, the Germans win.

The pictures were made by von Auerbergh and he was so kind to allow to use them here: You will find more pictures and a game report on his Blog: von Auerbergh


  1. Nice little battle. The bit with the "crocodile" using it´s Flamethrower...:-)

  2. Nice game there Andreas!
    If I come to Germany will you take me in your club to play a game??? ;-)

  3. Yes, the Crocodile is great firework. But when I joined the battle, it was destroyed (How lucky I was ;-)

    @Thanos: You`re always welcome! If you want to bring a little present one of your houses will do ;-)

  4. That looks nice. What rules do you use?

  5. The Rules are called "Behind Omaha". It is a system for 1:72 Scale and plays in Normandy. The rules are in German and can be downloaded for free. You will fin them if you click in the banner at the end of this blog (above the flag counter).