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Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Hasegawa, Sd. Kfz. 7, 1:72

I´m still cleaning uo my storage rooms and reorganize my working place. The good point is that you find some things you missed. For example I found the last sprue of this halftrack. I painted the dashboard and the last parts and then the sprue dissappeared while drying. Yesterday I found it and now I can finish this one as well. Only the steering wheel and the tracks have to be assembled. It seems, that the next day "Track-Work" is necessary, because now I have to paint the tracks for the Panzer IV, a nearly finished StuG III and this one. Figure Painting is not on my schedule. I need a pause after about 50 painted Minis in December.

Please excuse the dark pictures, but one of my lamps is broken and I won´t use flashlights. (O.K. in the last picture, I used it)


  1. I like these, they are so massive...

  2. You have enough things on your working table to lost an entire sprue!!! Indeed, I think also you need to make some cleaning :D

  3. It´s the one SdKfz 7 towing the 8,8 Gun, right? Theres one of these beautys waiting on my workbbench too.

  4. You should accompany it with an ''88''!!!
    Looking good so far Andreas!!

  5. @baratzanthatul: LOL but that one was lost in my cellar. I put it on a shelf for drying and it slipped behind. Sh...happens ;-)

    Fortunately I have the 8,8 from Hasegawa. The only problem is, I have to bueild it. As crew members I will take some Figures from Preiser, because the figures in the kit aren`t the best ones.