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Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Minidio, Matchbox, Esci, Academy, 1:72

Today I will show you an old Mini-Dio. The figure is from Esci, the Dingo from Matchbox and the "Kettenkrad" from Academy. I made it three years ago. The reason was first: I was to lazy to clean a little rubber bucket with plaster I used befor. Next day I had this round piece of plaster. As a modeller, nothing is wasted and I started to think about a usefull field of application. The second guess was that I didn`t know what use this figure can be because of the odd pose. That´s the result.
The Painting of the figure is not the best one to my standards today. But three years ago I was very satisfied ;-)
The short Story:
A German Soldier on Patrol finds this Dingo in the Desert. The British Crew disappeared and the D.A.K. Man checks out the situation.


  1. My first thought, when I saw the new Topic was:
    "C'mon! He was building and painting all that stuff years ago and then scheduled a blog post for every day!" :D
    And then I read "I made it three years ago."

    I was always wondering, how you manage this tremendous output of high quality Models!

    Revealed :P

    (Don't take me seriously ;-) )

    Great stuff!
    (You can now take me seriously.)


  2. Nice little dio Andreas!
    And the painting is great!

  3. I hated this figure (especially!), because I never know how to use it!

    Now I know it!


    BTW good painting and Dio, as usual!

  4. Nice work,nice story and nice post. Five stars!

  5. Well it looks nice, even with the odd pose of the figure :)

  6. Thanks a lot!
    @ Mojo I have some fellows arrested in my cellar and they have to paint and build only for the purpose to post every day. Remember the Magabotato scene last year? It was taken here ;-)

  7. A lot of great work crammed into a small area,but it does not look cramped if you know what I it.

    Cheers Rich.

  8. Nice dio. I always used that figure as a wounded, painting him with some blood on the leg.

  9. Thanks for your friendly words! :-)