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Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Again new Stuff!

Yesterday I received a parcel with new nice stuff. Two buildings for the Normandy, one ruin and a lot of equipment. Here you can see the first parts of equipment glued on a M 10. And you will find the ruin. Not assemled yet, but it looks great in my opinion.

By the way: Post Nr. 300!


  1. The buildings are from Samy eh?
    I am tempted to buy some, but the postage costs....seem preventive....
    He has some wonderful pieces though!
    Good luck Andreas!

  2. Correct Thanos! I ordered them from Samy.

  3. That's some nice building. Should look good when finished with wood and rubble etc added to it.

  4. I agree...nice looking building...and the tank is coming along as well.
    Greetings paul

  5. The other two buildings are looking promising as well. I hope I get them painted quickly a n d nice.