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Samstag, 26. März 2011

Feuerbart vs. Mork, Gamereport last part

My buisness travel is over. I hate to work on weekends :-(
But a promised, the last part of the Game report:
Turn 6: The Sherman was destroyed. A colaboration between Panther and Panzerschreck.

Turn 7: My Infantry (on top of the picture) tries to reach the second marker. Feuerbarts infantry ges into position. My Panzer III gets two hits and is now unmoveable. The Sherman in the middle is destroyed.
Turn 8: Infantry-battles at all ends of the map. My troop on the right was wiped out. The left wing was able to capture the second landmark.
The game nearly ended. My left infantry unit was destroyed. At this point my Panzer IV was the only heavy unit on the gameboard. Feuerbart attacked with "Haftladungen" anbd the tank gets one hit.
The End: We decided, that this was a draw. Feuerbart hold three of four landmarks, but he had only a few infantryunits and two jeeps left. I got the Panzer IV, the Kübelwagen, the PaK and one Heavy Mortar unit, wich was completely.
A nice game, a great opponent and a lot of fun!


  1. Great gaming Mork, a hard fought contest the pair of you

  2. A nice report Mork and best of all it looked like a lot of fun.

    Well done.