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Samstag, 12. März 2011

Kettenkrad & Infanteriegeschütz "Püppchen", Roskopf, 1:100 ???

Today a new purchase for my Roskopf-Collection. A "Kettenkrad" with a light infantry gun called "Püppchen". The Roskopf- Range is normally 1:100 but this one seems more like 1:87. You can compare it with the Kettenkrad from Academy in 1:72 in pictures 3+4.


  1. They look alright, I'd use them

  2. Oh, verry big for 1:100...

    but also nice guys ;)

  3. Dinky little thing isn't it!Very good.

  4. Yeah you could use that for 1:72 or perhaps 20mm might be even better. Only the muzzle of the Püppchen seems a bit oversized to me.

    Another choice could be to get Orion's German paratroopers, it comes with two Kettenkrads.