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Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Livonian Knights, Zvezda, 1:72

Today I want to show you my first attempts on the Livonian Knights from Zvezda. Nice Figure set. I was surprised that it isn`t easy to get the right touch of the white tunics. I painted them with "pale sand" washed them and drybrushed with "white".

Welcome to CarloAntonio. You´re Number 50, a kind of jubilee ;-)


  1. Nicely painted Andreas!
    The white looks very good!
    Will you use them in the ''father - son'' project???

  2. Thanks T. I think I have no choice using them in the "Project". My son found them on my workbench and said "Very Nice, Thank you Dad" What can you say after that?

  3. Looking good, as Thanos has said..the white does look very of my favourite sets of medievals...more!!!

  4. Very nice! You're right that's very difficult to paint a nice white colour. Try Citadel Sepia wash on white basecoat and highlight with white once more.

  5. Thank you for you comments and your useful hints.
    I agree with you, Paul, a nice set. And I will try out the citadel wash when I find a shop were I can buy it!