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Freitag, 11. März 2011

M 10 & Stowage, Armourfast & Fantasy Gelände Modelle, Update

First of all many thanks for your congratulations on the occasion of my "Blogbirthday"!
Today an update of my M 10 with the stowage items from Fantasy Gelände Modelle.
First I painted them with Vallejo Colours: The sand bags with "german cammo beige", the ropes with "dark sand" the woodblock and one bag with "tan earth", the blankets with "khaki", one bag with "U.S. Field drab" and the strings with "brown".

Then a wash with devlon mud was done.

The last step was a drybrush with Revell "beige". All in all (with drying time) it took one hour.

Because I used flashlight last night, the difference before and after the drybrush can`t be seen on the pictures as good as is in natural :-(

By the way: Yesterday it was a new pageviewrecord with 396! Thanks, mates!


  1. This looks good. I think the M10 needs sandbags and attachments as it always looks a little naked.

    Good work.

  2. Mork, where did you buy the stowage? I know it is made by Fantasy Gelände Modelle but he does not have a shop!


  3. @Greg:
    Please go on the webside, there you will find a Mailadress for contact with Samy, the producer of this great stuff!

  4. Thanks for the link. They have really great stuff.

    Very nice painting BTW Mork!