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Montag, 16. Mai 2011

D.A.K., Italeri, 1:72

EDIT: I wonder why this Post is on Top now, because I only changed the Labels... Blogger will know why?!?

I think I have the "unfinished project disease" well known as "I don`t know wich one I will finish so I start a new one - illness". When I take a look on my workbench I get the feeling that I`ve got started to much and in the last weeks my motivation to go on was very low. By the way I am short with time because the job takes it`s toll. And then the "pollen" gave me the rest. Because I needed a little progress I took this figure wich was half painted and finished it yesterday. A kind of sense of achievment.

When finished it it was a small step to go on with another custom service, about 20 Germans from different manufacturers a n d the LCVP from Pegasus. Pictures will follow later. I think I´m back in the saddle, but it will not lead into one post every day.


  1. It's a well known disease among wargamers.

    Alas there is no known cure for it except for the occasional lapse into remission which you have managed by completing this fine gentleman.

  2. Happens to us all mate, nothing to worry about but the medical community has not recognised it yet. Good paintwork on that figure.

  3. Variety is the spice of life...keep making new is the main thing :-D
    I´ve got sooooo many projects now I need another life or two to get them all finished.
    A very nice looking DAK fig..

  4. Better to take your time to do it right, then to rush it and end up with a crappy paintjob. You cannot work on the same project for weeks on end, sometimes you need to do other stuff.