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Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Terrain & Tree, attempts...

You know how it is, you went to the cellar, searching something and than you found a box with forgotten items. Yesterday I found this little landscape and a tree I started one or two years ago? I don`t know. But I think they are worth to go on.

The terrain was made of Styropor, covered with woodfiller. I tried to make a corn field just befor harvesting by using the bristles of a brush. I think because this was a lot of stupid work I stopped and forgot it ;-)

The "Tree" was made of a small branch. Then I covered it with cotton wool (?) I don´t know the right translation but it was no cotton wool but something I normally use in my aquarium filter. It is a kind of synthetical wool. After spraying it green I covered it with diluted woodglue and scattered some flocks on it. Because the base was so ugly I stopped it that time.

I think I give them a second try....


  1. I'll second Thanos words.

    Go for it!


  2. Thanks
    @ paul: that one I had to check in my dictionary...My english is not so good :-)