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Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

To be or not to be...., Reworked Germans, Preiser, 1:72

I just reworked these two Minis I painted 3 years befor. After making the pictures "Hamlet" springs in my mind...

The last two picture show the figur befor inking it. Unfortunately I have no picture of the second one for a "before and after" comparison.

Both figures are from Preiser.


  1. They look alright, expensive?

  2. @ Fran: The Preiser -Figures are great for Dioramas or as Tank Crews. Hardplastic, a lot of different poses possible because multiparts and in some packages is a lot of spare equipment like weapons, shovels, bags and so on.

    @ AL: In the shop they cost from 6 up to 12 €. I´ve bought about 20 Sets at ebay, average Price was about 6 € there.