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Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Just another Post about U.S. Rangers....

I am very busy at the moment. Nearly no time for hobbies :-( Always the same, when the summer comes the workload increases....
But yesterday I managed to go on with my U.S. Rangers. Still not finished, but I hope to manage this during the week.

And welcome to José Manuel Chasco, rousell68 and Rich. Nice to have you here and I hope you will find some new posts in the next weeks.


  1. looking good, this is a nice set, one I haven't got yet.

  2. Very nice scene with some good painted figures!
    Great work Mork!


  3. Great scene mate.A very nice story unfolding.Its full of action and the horrors of battle.

    Cheers Rich.

  4. Looking good. The Matchbox base fits in very well.

    Ensure that the dude laying under the backblast of the bazooka is quite dead, because by the look of it he may be quite roasted soon!

    Regards Paul