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Dienstag, 23. August 2011

T 34 update, Zvezda, 1:72 & Comparison with T 34 Matchbox 1:76

I went on with painting the Zvezda T34. The basics are finished, now the decals will follow and then the details. Al from 20th century wargames asked for a comparison. Here it is. Unfortunately I´ve only got this old Matchbox-Kit for this purpose. But I promised it....;-)


  1. Great job, I still like the Matchbox kit better, but the turret difference is nice.

    Cheers Paul

  2. Thanks Mork good post, think I'll get a couple of these after all

  3. Thanks! I think these Zvezda tanks are worth the money. Great for wargaming. And by the way, I can take them on my business travels and there is no danger that my glue leaks out in my suitcase (Has happened once and my clothes smelled like hell after that ;-)No glue needed here...:-)