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Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

T 34 update, Zvezda, 1:72

Today just a little update. I primecoated the T 34 with black, painted it with Vallejo "German Luftwaffe Green" and started to paint the tracks. I used "Mudbrown" because I want to have dirty tracks.

Still a lot to do, but I´m back in buisness...


  1. Nice Mork. Do a comparison shot next to another T34 if you can please?

  2. Back in business Dr. Mork! :-)
    I'd wish to find the will to start again...summer is too nice here in Greece....

  3. Luftwaffe green, that's not bad, may have to use that since they stopped making Russian green.

  4. Hi Al! Unfortunately I´ve got only an old Matchbox in 1:76 for comparison at the moment.

    @Thanos: Grrr, there is no summer this year in Germany. I was on holiday for three weeks and the weather was horrible. Back to work now we`ve got 28 Degrees and the sun is shining on my buro-desk.
    Perhabs next year I will come to Greece for holiday ;-)

    @Fran: That was a suggestion from Wiking (Wiking Paintworks) and I think it was a good one!

  5. Good looking T34.
    Isn´t it possible to make your own Russian green??

  6. I like the colour mate!I have been using Vallejo model air Russian green and under coat and that looks quite close.

    Cheers Rich.

  7. Lovely job, you cannot beat a good green.

    Regards Paul

  8. Thanks, mates.
    @Rich: Unfortunately I was not able to get some "Russian Green". I keep on searching a seller...