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Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Plane crashed near my village...

Yesterday an accident happend in my village. Only 400 metres from my house a plane crshed into the ground and exploded. The pilot was killed because the Piper expolded and burned down. I´ve never seen something like this and I hope that I will never see it again. I live near to the oldest airport in Germany (called Hangelar and was open about 100 years ago.) and the pilot tried to reach it. But he crashed into a tree on a field. My son likes to play soccer on this field but he was at home. God bless! Fortunately the plane missed the houses and there weren`t no more casualties.
Firefighters were on the scene immediately, also the Police. About 20 fire engines Came to the scene. Because of roumors that a co-pilot was missing, a police helicopter and a squad with tracker dogs were also called to the field. But it was a fake message, so the pilot was the only victim.
A horrible experience!

Here you can see, it was damn narrow to our stret.

At the evening the police protected the wreck.


  1. That really is a terrible thing and luckily no other casualties, the pilot probably tried his best to avoid ground population.

  2. Schiesse!!!!! I heard about this one in the news!!

  3. WOW, this way it becomes close...
    Be lucky nobody else got hurt, always sad such a tragedy

  4. Glad you got missed. Too recently a friend of mine was killed flying a plane in the UK, one of the top ASL designers and WWII Historian.

    Very nice blog as well, I am your newist followers

  5. That's a sad story, glad your families all ok though!

  6. Terrible....
    May the pilot rest now.
    Thank God, nobody else got hurt.

  7. A bit too close for comfort. Glad you and yours are all OK, if a little shaken.

  8. Thank you for your friendly words! Seems like the pilot got a heart attack, he was 75. But it´s just a roumor.