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Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Caesar, British Infantry, 1:72

Today an update of my british Infantry. I´ve got 25 Figures at this stage of paintwork but they won´t fit in the photo. The Minis still need a little drybrushing, painting a few last details and matt varnish to finish them.

And welcome to Anne O`Leary! A pleasure to have you here!


  1. Good work and you've had a good Irish girl start following you as well but be warned she's a talker....

  2. Great work and nice detail on the figures!

  3. Angry, I'm gonna get you for that! Yes, I'm a talker, but I love these figures and one day hope to start my own collection. These are beautiful. I like the guy that's throwing the grenade and the fact that the shovel is included in that backpack is terrific. Thank you for the welcome! I'm putting you on my blogroll.

  4. Yes! Sehen gut aus...auf die freue ich mich!

  5. Very nice work. I've been curious about these guys - I need to fill out my Esci Brits, so thanks for the look see.

  6. Thank you for your freindly words!
    @ Anne: Nice of you. I will do the same.
    @ Samy: Freut mich!