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Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Ruin, 1:72, Fantasy-Gelände-Modelle

As mentioned yesterday I want to finish some older projects. I started yesterday with this ruin. The first two pictures were made befor I continued. Almost finished, I would say. The windows need a rework, the drainpipes have to be painted and finally some debris will be added. The kit is from "Fantasy-Gelände-Modelle.

Samy, you make wonderful buildings!

And thank you again for your warm welcome yesterday.


  1. Wow, those come with very nice details!
    You said you had finished it? ;)

  2. I said you inspired me to finish it, not that it is finished yet.... ;-)

  3. This is a nice piece and will be a great addition to the table. Looking forward to seeing it set up and surrounded by newly painted figures.

    Since you've been gone I've done loads of painting and last night I primed and inked my first figures from Essex. My page is not the same one you saw when you were last here!!

    1. Right, I think I have a lot of blogs to visit...but I´m starting with yours, I promise ;-)

    2. He's lying.
      He went to mine first.


  4. Nice looking house (ruin).
    He does make some very nice buildings.

  5. Thanks!
    Looks like it will be a busy winter....