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Montag, 15. April 2013

My new little photostudio....

Last week I found a post in my favorite Wargaming Forum about a small photo studio. It looked inetersting and so I purchased one for about 25 €.

It contains a case wich can be transormed to  a cube, 2 Lamps one "tripod" and 4 backgrounds.

Here it is:



I still try to find out how to use it in a proper way:
The pictures are a) too dark or b) too bright.....



To be contiuned...

EDIT: Something went wrong with the size of the pictures. I will try it again, but I can do that only in the evening :-(

Edit²: Fixed...

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

One week of holiday = 2 kits finished ;-) (Humber & Chaffee) Revell, 1:76

I was at the northern sea last week. One week with the family, nice weather (cold, stormy but sunny - as it has to be :-), nice landscape and a lot of fun. Very relaxing. But in the evenings I got time to build a few kits. I built my last tank over one 1 ago, so I started with two old Matchbox (now Revell) kits I still had in my stock, just to get back into buisness.

Here they are:

I also started a Opel Blitz by Roden and a Mathilda from Esci. But these are still in progress. I will report as soon as possible.

And welcome Shaun, Karitas, Jomps and Daniel Kischko! Nice to have you here!