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Montag, 30. Mai 2011

A lonely (k)night, Italeri

In my office this little fellow guards my Computer since 2009. But now I think I should give him a second chance. I hope to give him more "depth" by doing a wash and take a closer look on the details.
A successful week to everyone!

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

On the workbench....

I wasn´T lazy the lat days. After the break because of my s+++load of work in my office now its just fun and realxing. A lot of Germans, as you can see, but also one Halftrack. To be continued...
A nice Sunday to everyone!

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Cadian HQ, Games Workshop, update

After working 14 day without a break I was too tired to build or paint. But yesterday I continued my work on these Figures. I was looking for a colour mix and tested a lot. As I prefer 1:72 WW 2 as topic, I wanted to give them a touch of that period. At last I decides that I use a mix of "Britsh uniform", "Fieldblue" and "German Fieldgrey". Now the "real" paintjob will be done ;-)

Because I was "offline" the last days I really don´t know about the blogger-problems. I´m not able to give comments. Is this problem new? Have you got the same problems? I´m sorry that I was not able to comment your nice work on your blogs!
Greetings and best wishes for a nice weekend!

EDIT: I found out that I´ve got problems concerning the comments only when using the IE. With Chrome I´m able to comment. So we will meet on your Blogs again ;-)

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

German Anti-Tank-Gun Crewmember, Italeri, 1:72

Today only one new entry: A Figure from Italeris ATG-Set. The rest will follow later, but they get a Camo-Scheme and that needs more time to realize ;-)I`m sorry for the qualitie but I had difficulties with the light when I made these pictures. Too bright or too dark...but I hope you can see what you want to see.

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Opel Blitz, Panzer III, Zvezda, 1:100

Yesterday I continued my work on the about 30 Germans. But after painting 30 Bread Bags, Canteens, Gas Mask shelters and so on I get bored. So I continued my paintwork on these two little kits from Zvezda. Still W.I.P. but I can see the end. I´m not satisfied with the windows of the Opel. I used a dark colour and then I took a coat of glossy varnish. It doesn`t work that way I thought it should. I would be grateful for every suggestion to paint those "windows"!

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Painting: How it first knights!

Have I ever mentioned that I started my "Minifigures-Painting career" about 3 years ago because I wanted to paint some knights for my older son? As a child I´d got hundreds of small soldiers but never painted them. I built loads of planes and battleships at that time and painted them, but never the minis. But when my son started to play with knights I started to build him a castle and purchased some knights. On weekend we cleaned up our cellar and I found these figures. I glued them on this stick for the pictures. As you can see, I had no ideas of "washing" or drybrushing three years ago. Some were never finished as well and some had heavy fights in the sandbox ;-). Perhabs I will give them a second try, just because the next son started playing with these figures...

D.A.K., Italeri, 1:72

EDIT: I wonder why this Post is on Top now, because I only changed the Labels... Blogger will know why?!?

I think I have the "unfinished project disease" well known as "I don`t know wich one I will finish so I start a new one - illness". When I take a look on my workbench I get the feeling that I`ve got started to much and in the last weeks my motivation to go on was very low. By the way I am short with time because the job takes it`s toll. And then the "pollen" gave me the rest. Because I needed a little progress I took this figure wich was half painted and finished it yesterday. A kind of sense of achievment.

When finished it it was a small step to go on with another custom service, about 20 Germans from different manufacturers a n d the LCVP from Pegasus. Pictures will follow later. I think I´m back in the saddle, but it will not lead into one post every day.

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

LCVP, Pegasus, 1:72

It seems that the "Blogger-Problem" killed your comments from my last Post. Sorry that I wasn`t able to answer. Perhabs they will be put back? I don`t know....

But nevertheless I want to show you the progress with my LCVP. After prime coating and spraying in grey I started to wash and drybrush it. I want to give it a "old" and used touch. I´m working it out and there will be al lot of "Trial and Error" Fortunately I´ve got three of this LCVP`s so I can try again.

Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

Pollen - Part 2

Yesterday I made these pictures of the desaster!

The Sd.Kfz. 251 fortunately got not much of them.

Here we are! Looks like the tank rusts under the colour!

As bad as the Panzer IV.

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Flying pollen - the pest for allergy sufferers & modelmakers

Today I want to complain about pollen.
As I´m an allergy sufferer the spring brings some inconviences because of the allergic reactions. This year it is very hard because of the long winter and the high temperatures in April/Maí. All trees seem to shoot their pollen at the same time...
But what the matter with the modelmaker in me? I forgot the high concentration of pollen when I prime coated the kits I shown you last week. I spryed them in my garden and guess what...? They are coated with pollen. Gives a nice, rough structure.....The kits are a mess. I will show you the pictures in the next days. I don´t know how to remove it, the only way seems to grind all the colour of with sand paper. Shame on me, with a little bit of using my brain I would have seen it coming.

But to another point. I would like to thank for the suggestions for this stylish blogger awards. I will answer all this later, but I´m very busy in the moment with my work. That´s why my Blog doesnt´t get his daily update and I fear this will gon on for the rest of the month. Please pardon my abscence, but buisness is buisness.....
Stay tuned!

Finaly I would like to welcome w40ktenerife from
I´m awaiting a huge parcel with W40k Stuff in the next days. So I think there will be something for you in the next weeks!

Montag, 2. Mai 2011

U.S. Gun Crew (Anti Tank), SHQ, 1:76

Today I want to show you 5 Figures from SHQ I finished this weekend. They are designated for an Anti Tank Gun, but I will use them as Crewmembers for my M 10 &
M36. They can cover the empty Turret ;-)
Not the best Paintjob but I still have got my Problems with Whitemetall.

Carlo Antonio from nomianted my Blog for the "Stylish Blogger Award"! Thanks, Carlo, I feel honoured!

And welcome to Colonel Shofer from & Brutpaul!
I hope you like it!