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Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2020

RC Modell Me 109

And now for something completely different...

Montag, 15. April 2013

My new little photostudio....

Last week I found a post in my favorite Wargaming Forum about a small photo studio. It looked inetersting and so I purchased one for about 25 €.

It contains a case wich can be transormed to  a cube, 2 Lamps one "tripod" and 4 backgrounds.

Here it is:



I still try to find out how to use it in a proper way:
The pictures are a) too dark or b) too bright.....



To be contiuned...

EDIT: Something went wrong with the size of the pictures. I will try it again, but I can do that only in the evening :-(

Edit²: Fixed...

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

One week of holiday = 2 kits finished ;-) (Humber & Chaffee) Revell, 1:76

I was at the northern sea last week. One week with the family, nice weather (cold, stormy but sunny - as it has to be :-), nice landscape and a lot of fun. Very relaxing. But in the evenings I got time to build a few kits. I built my last tank over one 1 ago, so I started with two old Matchbox (now Revell) kits I still had in my stock, just to get back into buisness.

Here they are:

I also started a Opel Blitz by Roden and a Mathilda from Esci. But these are still in progress. I will report as soon as possible.

And welcome Shaun, Karitas, Jomps and Daniel Kischko! Nice to have you here!

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Rebasing my stuff...

It was long ago since my last post, but I was very busy with other things and I hadn`t the patience to go on with my minis. But today was a fine day. I´m on holiday, the weather was fine and so for the first time this year I could work in my garden. In contiuned rebasing my stuff. Results you finde below!

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Liebster Blog Award....

Well, thank you very much Mojo (Weapons in mass production) for listing me on the "Liebester Blog Award" List. I feel honoured, indeed.

And here my nominations...

Rich from West Models & Figures.Always lovely work and the little Dioramas are eye candy.

Samy from Fantasy-Gelaende: The man who brought me to Table Top with his wonderful work and the rules for "Behind Omaha"

Al from 20th Century Wargames from the other side of the world. One of my first followers who give me a lot of positive feedback when I started my blog project. Wide range of modells and interests.

Blutvogt who shares my favorite game "Behind Omaha" and has one of the greatest table top army of different games I´ve ever seen.

And last but not least Michels Miniaturen Just visit and enjoy.

I would like to nominate a lot of more great blogs. But the rules say "....less then 200 followers...."

The Rules...
You got nominated? Here's what you've  got to do (I'll dare to copy this from Mojos blog who copied it from Monty`s Caravan Blog ;) )

  1. Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it to you. 
  2. Pass the award to your top 5 favourite blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.
  3. Sit back and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have just made someone's day!
  4. There is no obligation to pass this on to anyone else but it is nice if you do...

Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Late War Germans...

Today I want to show you the last part of my "picture session" 4 weeks ago. The late war germans.

And welcome JFaria and! I hope you enjoy the show ;-)

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

British Forces....

Today some pictures of my british forces. As you can see, the bases of most of the minis aren´t finished yet. I   continued the work in the last days and I hope to finish this until next Sunday. These Soldiers were the first I based a long time ago. I recognized, that "green" is not the best choice to paint the bases, so I started to repaint them. And the rest was rweorked and painted, too. I have to highlight and wash the bases and finally they will get some gras.
The bright sunlight has the effect, that the tanks look like new. But in reality the´re looking a lot more "used".