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Montag, 15. April 2013

My new little photostudio....

Last week I found a post in my favorite Wargaming Forum about a small photo studio. It looked inetersting and so I purchased one for about 25 €.

It contains a case wich can be transormed to  a cube, 2 Lamps one "tripod" and 4 backgrounds.

Here it is:



I still try to find out how to use it in a proper way:
The pictures are a) too dark or b) too bright.....



To be contiuned...

EDIT: Something went wrong with the size of the pictures. I will try it again, but I can do that only in the evening :-(

Edit²: Fixed...

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

One week of holiday = 2 kits finished ;-) (Humber & Chaffee) Revell, 1:76

I was at the northern sea last week. One week with the family, nice weather (cold, stormy but sunny - as it has to be :-), nice landscape and a lot of fun. Very relaxing. But in the evenings I got time to build a few kits. I built my last tank over one 1 ago, so I started with two old Matchbox (now Revell) kits I still had in my stock, just to get back into buisness.

Here they are:

I also started a Opel Blitz by Roden and a Mathilda from Esci. But these are still in progress. I will report as soon as possible.

And welcome Shaun, Karitas, Jomps and Daniel Kischko! Nice to have you here!

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Rebasing my stuff...

It was long ago since my last post, but I was very busy with other things and I hadn`t the patience to go on with my minis. But today was a fine day. I´m on holiday, the weather was fine and so for the first time this year I could work in my garden. In contiuned rebasing my stuff. Results you finde below!