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Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Panzer IV, Hasegawa, Update

After a stressfull week with several travels through Germany and no time for our hobby I was able to finish the building of this tank last night. It was difficult to glue the upper and lower hull. I had to put the tank into a bench vise for hours and only at the second attempt it worked. Only the hatch is missing, but I have to think about it if I make it "open" or "Close". Now the painting of the details will start.

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

Sd. Kfz 251/9 Ausf. C, Revell, 1:72

I was in Berlin at the beginning of this week. And while sitting in my Hotel Room I wonder what to do in the evening. Fortunately ;-) I found this kit in my suitcase and started building it. O.K. a new project befor finishing an old one, but that`s the way it is. I`m not satisfied with the tracks. I´ve done something wrong, but at the end I hope that the mistakes can be hidden. A very nice kit from Revell!

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Sd. Kfz 7, Hasegawa, 1:72 Update

Last night I continued the work on my Halftrack. The Tracks were fixed and painted and the painting of the interior started. I used Vallejo "Kahki" for the Blanket and U.S. Field Drab for the seats. Then I washed them with GW Devlon Mud.The rest will follow soon and the last part will be the fixing of the driving wheel. I need a suitable driver first ;-)

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

U.S. Infantry, Mortar Team, SHQ, 1:76

After finishing another buisness travel I want to show you a few figures I finished last weekend. A Mortar Team by SHQ. Nice Figures, I think. Please excuse the quality of the pictures, but my photo lamp is still defect. The last picture shows a comparison with a Caesar Mini I finished as well. I think, they fit together.

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Windmill, unknown scale, Crusader, Italeri, 1:72

I was able to get my hands on this nice windmill. It was self-made and is lightly damaged. But I have all the broken parts and hope to fix it. For example the both arms of the mill or the covering. If you transfer the hight into 1:72 scale, the mill is 35 Metres high. I put a crusader at the front door for a comparison. It was the only figure I had earby when I made the pictures. I think, a nice building with various possibilities to use.

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Panzer IV, Hasegawa, 1:72, update

Here you find an update of the Panzer IV. Yesterday I put on the second track and drilled seven hoels in the upper Hull for some little parts like the lamps or the fire extinguisher. Then I started to glue the first little parts. I hope to finish the Building at Weekend.

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

M 24 Chaffee, Revell / Matchbox, 1:76

Cleaning up will continue, but yesterday I went on with the M 24. Nice little kit, I have to say. The side plates aren`t glued yet as well as the upper hull. I want to paint the wheels and the tracks first. I only snap it togehter to take a look on the "finished" kit.

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Hasegawa, Sd. Kfz. 7, 1:72

I´m still cleaning uo my storage rooms and reorganize my working place. The good point is that you find some things you missed. For example I found the last sprue of this halftrack. I painted the dashboard and the last parts and then the sprue dissappeared while drying. Yesterday I found it and now I can finish this one as well. Only the steering wheel and the tracks have to be assembled. It seems, that the next day "Track-Work" is necessary, because now I have to paint the tracks for the Panzer IV, a nearly finished StuG III and this one. Figure Painting is not on my schedule. I need a pause after about 50 painted Minis in December.

Please excuse the dark pictures, but one of my lamps is broken and I won´t use flashlights. (O.K. in the last picture, I used it)

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Wiking Paintwork Trophy - End of contest

It is not usual that I post one picture a second time. I hope you excuse that. But as I mentioned last week there was a Contest, the "Wiking Paintwork Trophy". The entries with fantastic figures you will find here:
WPT Entries

It looks like my figure was one of the better ones. I got 9 from 10 possible points and I won this little contest.
O.k. yes, I am a little proud about this ;-)
Here are the results: Results

Montag, 17. Januar 2011

New Dino discovered.... Revell, unknown scale

First of all a welcome to my new viewers. I hope you enjoy this Blog!
Last weekend was no time for modelling because we cleaned up our storage rooms. In one box we never opened after moving I found this little dinosaur. I know I was in a toy shop three years ago and my son was in his "Dino-Stage" as every little boy is at this time of his life. So we bought it and I builded it and we started painting. It was a Revel-Kit. But then we moved and the Dino was forgotten in his paper-Cage. I guess I will finish it, just for fun. As you can see in the last picture, it is a real beast concerning to my 1:72 Minis.

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Fantassin, Russian Infantry, A comparison

Here two pictures with Figures for a comparison. Pegasus, Esci, Fantassin, Italeri, Revell. On the scond one two more of the Fantassin-Minis.

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Fantassin, Russian Infantry, 1:72

On 25th of December I won an auction at ebay. Last week finally the figures arrived. I told you about the Tank-Crews from Fantassin some time ago. Now it is the Russian Infanty (Stalingrad). Some interesting poses and nice details, but the lying figures with the MG`s are not the best ones. Perhabs after a lot of work they will be usable. But take a look...

Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Panzer IV, Hasegawa, 1:72

As Mojo (Mojo`s Blog) said, that it is the month of completing unfinished projects I will join in. He was very busy, as you can see there.
Yesterday I continued the work on a Panzer IV from Hasegawa. I worked on the Painting, especially on the road wheels and the tracks. Finally, the first track was assembled. I like the way Hasegawa used some plastic sticks to simulate the sagging of the tracks. To be continued....

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Minidio, Matchbox, Esci, Academy, 1:72

Today I will show you an old Mini-Dio. The figure is from Esci, the Dingo from Matchbox and the "Kettenkrad" from Academy. I made it three years ago. The reason was first: I was to lazy to clean a little rubber bucket with plaster I used befor. Next day I had this round piece of plaster. As a modeller, nothing is wasted and I started to think about a usefull field of application. The second guess was that I didn`t know what use this figure can be because of the odd pose. That´s the result.
The Painting of the figure is not the best one to my standards today. But three years ago I was very satisfied ;-)
The short Story:
A German Soldier on Patrol finds this Dingo in the Desert. The British Crew disappeared and the D.A.K. Man checks out the situation.