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Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

Caesar, British Infantry, 1:72

Today an update of my british Infantry. I´ve got 25 Figures at this stage of paintwork but they won´t fit in the photo. The Minis still need a little drybrushing, painting a few last details and matt varnish to finish them.

And welcome to Anne O`Leary! A pleasure to have you here!

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Panzer IV, Armourfast, W.I.P.

After a busy Week in Berlin I was able to go on with this Panzer IV. After primecoating with Tamiya dark sand I painted it with Vallejo "Middlestone". Then the tracks and wheels were painted. Last part so far is the camo pattern. As you can see in the last picture, I want do it like the painting of the Panther.
The tracks will get a load of "mud" because the details are "horrible". But you know that if you ever bought an Armourfast - Kit ;-)

I know that the camo isn`t historically correct, but nevertheless I like it....

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

The first (nearly) finished Figure of the year...

After a crahsdown of my computer harddisk and the purchase of a new computer last week I was able to (nearly) finish the first figure of the year. A british Infantrist by Ceasar. It will get a light drybrush and a layer of matt varnish.

By the way: I´m very happy that I had an external harddisk with copies of my pictures....

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

I couldn´t resist...Apollo Columbia & Eagle

One of my good resulutions for 2012 was not to buy new stuff because my cellar is full off unbuild and unpainted kits, figures, etc.
But last week I was in a shopping mall and my sons were looking for new toys. I found this old Revell kit and the price catched my attention. 7,99 € for the kit including paint, glue and brush. I thought it would be a nice "father & sons" thing and went to the till. Surprisingly there was a special sale so I paid only 4,99 € for this stuff!

So long my resolutions ;-)

And welcome to Sanguemarcio and Sigwald! Nice to have you here!

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

British Infantry, Caesar, 1:72, update

A little update. I think that 3/4 of the work is done.I painted parts of the webbing, most of the weapons and equipment. I hope to finish the painting until weekend. Then the usual washing and drybrushing will follow.

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Happy new year!

O.k. I´m a little bit late, but I wish you all a happy new year, health, fun, a lot of time for our hobby and (....please enter your favorite wish....)

For a start I want to finish these British Soldiers. This is only an example, I paint the whole set at the moment. I hope to go on this week, because I´ve got a few days off!