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Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

LCVP, Pegasus, 1:72

It seems that the "Blogger-Problem" killed your comments from my last Post. Sorry that I wasn`t able to answer. Perhabs they will be put back? I don`t know....

But nevertheless I want to show you the progress with my LCVP. After prime coating and spraying in grey I started to wash and drybrush it. I want to give it a "old" and used touch. I´m working it out and there will be al lot of "Trial and Error" Fortunately I´ve got three of this LCVP`s so I can try again.


  1. Very nice sir!you a lucky man to get three of them!

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Lovely work, with beautiful shading Mork. Too bad about the blogger troubles, seems we all took a hit.

  3. Thanks, mates. But it is not finished yet. I will drybrush it with "greyblue", highlight the edges with "grey" and will ad some "rusty parts".
    @Maurice: I will measure it tonight, o.k.?