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Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

Pollen - Part 2

Yesterday I made these pictures of the desaster!

The Sd.Kfz. 251 fortunately got not much of them.

Here we are! Looks like the tank rusts under the colour!

As bad as the Panzer IV.

10 Kommentare:

  1. Well, only one thing you can do... Strip the paint off and then try again.

  2. That's a pain in the arse my friend, what are you going to do with them?

  3. That´s a difficult clean that all off will take some doing..If I was you I´d go with it and paint them up as if they had been in a muddied area.

  4. Just paint it as dirt, it doesn't look half as bad as you tried to convince us :p

  5. Zimmerit paste!

    Just cover the affected area with green stuff sculpted to look like zimmerit - extra work but probably not as much as stripping them and restarting

  6. I am sure that you will do a great job !!!

  7. They look good to me, by the time you have lightened the edges and put some cammo and mud splashes on they will be superb. One problem with this hobby is that we can become too perfectionist.

  8. I know it probably looks worse to you, but I would not worry about it myself. Nice story to tell around the table.

    Foliage attached to model would hide most faults.

    Regards Paul

  9. I have to say, I like Pauls suggestion the most.
    Paint them like late-war-vehicles in normandy and add some branches made from wire and flock.
    I have considered Zimmerit as well, but I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't fit well.
    First: APCs like the 251 didn't have Zimmerit applied.
    Second: Zimmerit was often only applied as high as a man could reach, so a lot of the pollen would still be uncovered.

    I'm sure you will choose the right thing and I'm curious about how it will turn out in the end :)


  10. First of all Thank you very much for all of your useful and friendly comments. And I am very sorry that I wasn`t able to answer earlier. But I´m very busy with my work and one travel follows the next one. No time for modelling either blogging. I hope to present some new stuff but I think it will take some days to finish it.