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Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Sherman, Armourfast, 1:72 - Der 200´ste Post!

I posted last week the pictures of the T 34. I mentioned, that I bought two kits and today I will show you the other one, a Sherman. Not as bad as the T 34 but also not the moste detailed Tank. But take alook by yourself. After a primary coat (Olive Drab) I painted it with Vallejo "U.S. Dark Green". Now I wait for the decals from Peddinghaus. They told me that the parcel is on its way, so I hope to go on this week.

By the way: Yipiyaaehh... the 200th post!

Ich habe EUch ja letze Woche den T 34 vorgestellt und erwähnt, dass ich zwei Bausätze gekauft hatte. Hier also der andere, ein Sherman. Macht Euch ein eigenes Bild, aber er ist deutlich besser als der T 34 (wenn auch nicht "Superdetailliert"). Nach einer Grundierung (Olive Drab) habe ich Ihn mit Vallejo "U.S. Dark Green" lackiert. Nun warte ich auf die Decals von Peddinghaus, aber die sind schon verschickt. Ich hoffe also, diese Woche weiter machen zu können.

Ach ja: Hurraaa, der 200ste Post!

10 Kommentare:

  1. Happy 200 posts!!!
    I hope you make them 2.000!!!!
    Great work by the way! :-)
    I have to consider buying some decals from Peddinghaus too!

  2. Well done Mork, heres to another 200!!

  3. 200 Not Out

    The Sherman looks better than the T-34
    It has all the essential ingredients in scale :)

  4. Oh my Golly... you are building/finishing kits as frequently as others change their socks :D

    Good work, keep it on!


  5. Happy celebration!

    You're very hard-working painter, modeller and blogger!

    Best wishes!

  6. Vielen Dank, Thank you, muchas gracias, mille gracie, wielkie dzięki!

    If you wonder why in the archive the count is 199, I don´t know. My dashboard says, it was post Number 200, shere we are ;-)

  7. Looks pretty violent to me...shouldn´t you have a warning up ;-)
    Doesn´t look too bad...a nice little model--a bit of weathering and finito! :-D

  8. Look forward to the next 200 mate.

  9. Thank you again. But we will see, if there will be another 200. Because of the new internet law in Germany it is not certain, that this Blog will be open after 1st of January. For further information please look at the post at Paul`s Bodes from 7th December!