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Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

British Infantry, Caesar, 1:72

I made a little progress with these british Minis. The first four (on the right side of the first picture, still wet from washing...) are finished and the rest is almost ready for a wash. Hope to end this project until weekend.
Sorry for the pictures, they are a little bit dark.

And welcome to sada_2110068, the Number 75 in my Viewer List! I hope you like what you see!


  1. Looking great Dr. Mork! :-)
    What colour are you using for the webbing? Khaki?
    And the wash? Is it Devlan mud?

  2. Niece figures those Caesar boys, good work.

  3. Thanks! I tested Khaki but I think it is too dark. So I used "German Camo Beige" for the webbing. And the wash was "Ogryn flesh" for the flesh parts and Devlon Mud for the rest.

  4. I do like these! I wonder how they size up to the Plastic Soldier Company's British infantry figures.

    Same question as Thanos, what colour are you using for your webbing? I use GW bleached bone which then dulls down after a dip in "gordony's gunk".

  5. They look great, you have used a good choice of colours, Caesar make really nice figs, I just prefer hard plastic, sometimes I find the soft rubbery plastic doesn't take paint well, but I guess its this type of material that allows all that great detail and poses.

  6. Thanks mates! I like the Caesar Minis not only because of the poses. I like the plastic as well because it is easy to paint.