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Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

D.A.K. Revell/Esci, 1:72

I remeber how lucky Paul (Plasticwarrior) was when he got his hands on an old Matchbox Set. I ´m as lucky as he was because I got my hands on two old hardplastic sets from Revell/Esci. The D.A.K. Figures were top on my "wish list".

And the best... I got two of them :-)


  1. WOW..what a set!
    I remember that back in my early years...I wish I had bought some back then!
    Good luck with painting them mate! :-)

  2. Very cool, nice to have some unusual stuff in a collection

  3. Thanks! I remember that I got the U.S. Infantry, Russian Infantry and 8th Army from this range when I was much younger. The U.S. boys were the first and only minis I painted that times. I know that I´ve still got one or two of them. I have to search...