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Montag, 19. September 2011

Inspiration Modellbau, Mainz, 17. + 18. September

Last weekend I was in Mainz at "Inspiration Modellbau". A nice event with a lot of nice Modells, a lot of possibilities to spend money for new kits and a small part with wargaming. Mojo from the B.O. Forum built a gameboard so we were abele to present the "Behind Omaha" Game to the audience. I was there on Sunday, met some of the B.O Forum-Members for the first time, was able to play a short match (I lost, as usual), made about 100 Pictures of beautiful modells and figures and spend a lot of money. This week I will show you a few pictures of the event. I want to start with the B.O. Game.

This is the beautiful gameboard. Congrats, Mojo, well done!

This is my unsuccsesful try to stop....

these U.S. Forces

Another nice game!

And welcome to Luca Tempesta! Have fun!


  1. Great looking table. Looks like it was a fun game.

  2. Thanks for the praise!
    It was a great weekend and all the work for the demotable was absolutely worth it :)
    It was a pleasure to meet you, Mork ;)

    I'll put up some more pictures this night...


  3. It was a lot of fun, indeed. And it was a pleasure to meet you, too, Mojo!

  4. Look that i missed some good games on Sunday. But nice pics.
    And the table is much more nicer in RL ;) *thumbsup*