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Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

M 10 "Wolverine", Armourfast, 1:72

Another fast assembly kit I´m working on. I made a stupid mistake with this one. I applicated the decals and forgot to cover them with glossy colour ( I´m getting old :-(. This time I used a wash with diluted oil colours and the thinner destroyed the decal on the right and damaged the one of the left turret side. Unfortunately I had only one in my spare box... Next steps will be a highlight of the edges, painting the tracks and a second wash. The figures are from SHQ, I thin they fit in well.


  1. LOL, I did this exact same thing last night, I watched the decals dissolved before my eyes, very annoying.

  2. For some reason I really like this tank...maybe it´s the name. Lovely paintwork...and if you hadn´t of said..I wouldn´t have noticed the transfers...

  3. Hi,
    very nice..
    and very nice blog. I added your blog.

  4. Ui, that´s a lot of respones. Thank you very much! And welcome Erhan, Nice to have you here!