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Dienstag, 8. November 2011

5,5 inch cannon, Airfix, 1:76 & Italeri German PaK Crew

I know that you know that I know that this Crew doesn`t fit to the Gun ;-)

But nevertheless I put them togehther, because I´ve got no british gun crew at the moment and I finished this Gun yesterday.And a picture without Crew is so empty. I also reworked the PaK Crew and would call them "finished", too.


  1. Good work on both Dr. Mork!!!
    It seems you all have sth with artillery pieces...! I must think about it...:)

  2. Lovely job on a simple gun. The DAK crew look splendid as well.

    Good show

  3. Is Mork okay, no post for a month!

  4. Dear Paul, nice of you to ask!
    I´m sorry but I´m extremely busy at the moment. The last time I had a choice to do something within our hobby was 4 weeks ago. I was on buisness travels a lot, and then our house needed some attetntion. And I fear until X-mas there will be noc change in the situation. I hope to make a "restart" at the beginning of 2012. And thanks a lot for your question!

    Best whishes to all of you!
    A (tired) Mork6969