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Montag, 9. Januar 2012

I couldn´t resist...Apollo Columbia & Eagle

One of my good resulutions for 2012 was not to buy new stuff because my cellar is full off unbuild and unpainted kits, figures, etc.
But last week I was in a shopping mall and my sons were looking for new toys. I found this old Revell kit and the price catched my attention. 7,99 € for the kit including paint, glue and brush. I thought it would be a nice "father & sons" thing and went to the till. Surprisingly there was a special sale so I paid only 4,99 € for this stuff!

So long my resolutions ;-)

And welcome to Sanguemarcio and Sigwald! Nice to have you here!


  1. The best strategic plan stops, when the first shot is shot! I believe D.Eisenhower has said that.
    Thus, so long 2012 resolutions!!
    Good luck with this Dr. Mork!

  2. It looks like a nice kit and get them involved early.....