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Montag, 15. April 2013

My new little photostudio....

Last week I found a post in my favorite Wargaming Forum about a small photo studio. It looked inetersting and so I purchased one for about 25 €.

It contains a case wich can be transormed to  a cube, 2 Lamps one "tripod" and 4 backgrounds.

Here it is:



I still try to find out how to use it in a proper way:
The pictures are a) too dark or b) too bright.....



To be contiuned...

EDIT: Something went wrong with the size of the pictures. I will try it again, but I can do that only in the evening :-(

Edit²: Fixed...


  1. I have a similar kit. You need a bright overhead lamp as well.

  2. This! Thank you very much, Leif. That will work!

  3. Hi, similar experience, the two lights aren't enough. A strong overhead lamp is needed OR I use a camera mounted flash with a diffuser (white filter) on it so that the light evens out.