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Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

U.S. Ranger, Pegasus, 1:72,

As promised, here are the finished U.S. Rangers. Really a nice figure set by Pegasus.These figures are dedicated to the guys at Hannover. Since yesterday there is the "Point of decision"-Meeting. They play "Behind Omaha", e.g. on a D-Day Playground (400 * 150 cm). I wish I could be there.

Wie versprochen, hier die fertigen U.S. Ranger von Pegasus. Ein wirklich gelungenes Figurenset. Die Figuren widme ich jetzt mal den Jungs in Hannover, die beim "Point of Decision" seit gestern zahlreiche Gefechte "Behind Omaha" führen, unter anderem auf einer Riesenplatte (400 cm * 150 cm). Ich wünschte, ich könnte dabei sein.


  1. Mille grazie, Al! (Just thank you but I´m working at my language skills ;-)

  2. Nice work; but if I were you I would remove the bases and just glue the soldiers to the diorama..

  3. Hello Marc, thanks for responding. The Soldiers were later glued on bases for wargaming purposes. These pictures were only for presenting them on this blog.