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Dienstag, 1. März 2011

My German "Behind Omaha" Forces are finished

At last, my "Base-Work" is finished. Yesterday I glued some static grass on the bases. Here you can see the 4 platoons. One officer needs a base (I forgot him :-() and I have to add two medics. I´ve got some spare units for change (flame thrower, light mortars, Panzerfaust), it depends on the enemy ;-)

The heavy Mortar Unit (mostly Pegasus)

Platoon 1 (mostly Pegasus)

Platoon 2 (A mix of Caesar and Revell/Italeri)

Platoon 3 (Mostly Ceasar)

I made the pictures last night and used the flashlight. That`s why the Minis shine so bright!


  1. A formidable force awaiting to deploy!
    Great work Paul!
    Very inspiring!!!