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Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Flying pollen - the pest for allergy sufferers & modelmakers

Today I want to complain about pollen.
As I´m an allergy sufferer the spring brings some inconviences because of the allergic reactions. This year it is very hard because of the long winter and the high temperatures in April/Maí. All trees seem to shoot their pollen at the same time...
But what the matter with the modelmaker in me? I forgot the high concentration of pollen when I prime coated the kits I shown you last week. I spryed them in my garden and guess what...? They are coated with pollen. Gives a nice, rough structure.....The kits are a mess. I will show you the pictures in the next days. I don´t know how to remove it, the only way seems to grind all the colour of with sand paper. Shame on me, with a little bit of using my brain I would have seen it coming.

But to another point. I would like to thank for the suggestions for this stylish blogger awards. I will answer all this later, but I´m very busy in the moment with my work. That´s why my Blog doesnt´t get his daily update and I fear this will gon on for the rest of the month. Please pardon my abscence, but buisness is buisness.....
Stay tuned!

Finaly I would like to welcome w40ktenerife from
I´m awaiting a huge parcel with W40k Stuff in the next days. So I think there will be something for you in the next weeks!


  1. It's a problem I've encountered before so I spray outside and let them dry inside now especially because of the ducks aswell.

  2. I just have a box with a capping. I spray and for drying I put the capping on and let it dry outside because of the smell. But this time I was called by one of my sons and forgot to do it. And 20 Minutes later the mess has happened :-(

  3. S..t happens sometimes mate!
    There will always be casualties in war!

  4. The pollen here is so thick that the cars are all yellow and there is heaps of polar fluff all over.
    Can´t you put then in brake fluid, or rub them with a soft cloth with some brake fluid on it.
    It´s a good lesson for us all though, I probably wouldn´t have thought about the pollen

  5. I wrote polar fluff :-/ I meant Poplar (pappeln)

  6. That's bad news about the pollen on both the allergy and the kit front.

    Hopefully you will be able to salvage the kits

  7. Thanks a lot for your compassion! I will try it with brake fluid, thanks Paul for the hint!