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Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

Italeri, German Pak Crew, 1:72

Inspired by a tutorial by Wiking (Wiking Paintworks) in the Behind-Omaha Forum I tried to paint these figures with a "Splintertarnung". My problem was I needed a very fine brush wich I hadn`t at home. But I tried it nevertheless. The result is o.k. for me, but the "Rain-Stripes" are too big. That was the best I could do. Next time I will try a toothpick for finer lines.

And welcome to CPBelt & jacksarge! Nice to have you here!

EDIT: I don´t know how to change the colours of the links in the text. But if you`re íntersted please klick at "tutorial" and Wiking Paintworks in the text above!


  1. Wow, your skill is getting better every time, good work!

  2. Thank you very much! By the way, I answered you´re question from yesterday in the Post below ;-)

  3. Looks far better than my approach :) good work :)

  4. If you succeed in doing this with a bigger brush, imagine what will you do with a finer!
    The result is excellent Dr. Mork! :-)

  5. Yesterday I finished them. I took a toothpick and made the green-grey rainstripes and painted 7 washed the rest.

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