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Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

I´m not dead....

Dear friends of wargaming and modelling!
I want to tell you that I´m still alive. But the workload in my job doesn´t allow to build modells, paint figures or post any new stuff in this blog. I hope that in the next weeks the situation will uncock. Until then I beg you pardon and I hope you will follow this blog again when new stuff is available.

See you and best wishes!

6 Kommentare:

  1. I'm sure it has happend to most of us. You just need to look at my contributions on my Blog this year and you will notice the busy (work wise) months.

  2. I keep looking for you in my blog roll..but nothing...I´ve looked ii a couple of times thinking maybe I had missed your post. Good to see you are still around..:-D
    PS; Herne is coming up soon!!!

  3. As long as World of Tanks relieves the stress... :)
    See you around.. :)

  4. Thanks, mates! It seems that I´m back in buisness:-)