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Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Revell, Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe", 1:76

Today a few words about the picture in the header of this blog. The Sd.KfZ. 123 “Wespe” from Revell/Matchbox in 1:76. I wrote a feature about this kit for the online modelling magazine “modellversium” (Please follow the link in the German part). It`s only in german but you will find a few more pictures. I´ve made this little Diorama two years ago and it was the first one i`ve ever made. The Crew is from Preiser (Tank Crew and Panzergrenadiere) and the two figures outside the Wespe are from different Revell-Sets (Afrikakorps). The one with the signalling disc was converted. Before he hold a granate. The left arm was replaced. Unfortunately the figure was falling out of my hands and the new arm was broken. I tried to fix it but it is still visible. The Dio is an old picture frame filled with “Holzspachtelmasse” (I really have no idea what is the English translation for this – it`s something to fill gaps in wood and after drying it is as hard as stone).

Heute mal etwas zum Bild im Header dieses Blogs. Das Sd.KfZ. 124 „Wespe“ von Revell/Matchbox in 1:76. Da kürzlich auf Modellversium ein Bericht von mir zu diesem Mini-Diorama erschienen ist möchte ich für Einzelheiten darauf verweisen. Einfach den Link eingeben:

Bei Fragen einfach mailen: mork6969[at]aol[Punkt]de


  1. I'm guessing that "Holzspachtelmasse” is what's known as "Pollyfilla" in the UK, and "Spackle" in the US.

  2. Thanks for the information. It seems that very often the english expression is much shorter than it`s german counterpart. Thats why the german texts in this blog are much longer than the english translations ;-)