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Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Italeri, Panzer III, 1:72

I´ve bought two Panzer III from Italeri (fast assembly models). Here you see a comparison with the "normal" Panzer III kit from Italeri (es - Esci) The dark one was just primed in dark grey and it is from the fast assembly kit. I need it to build up my "Behind Omaha forces" as quick as possible. But it still needs a lot of work to get a nice modell.

Ich habe mir mir den Schnellbausatz "Panzer III" von Italeri zugelegt, um meine "Behind Omaha" Streitkraft schnell einsatzbereit zu machen. Hier ein Vergleich mit dem normalen Panzer III Bausatz von Italeri (Ex-Esci). Der Schnellbausatz wurde dunkelgrau grundiert und um ein ansehnliches Modell zu bekommen muss noch einiges getan werden.


  1. What version of the Panzer III is it? Looks like the Ausf L but I could be wrong.

  2. The Fast assembly kit should be a Ausf. J and the other one a Ausf M or N (so it was written on the boxes from Italeri).
    Greetings , mork

  3. Apparently the only difference between the Ausf J and the Ausf L is the extra plate on the gun mantlet and in front of the driver.

    Looks like a nice kit anyway. I wish the Revell Ausf L kit didn't have individual track links in places.... this is going to take forever to build.