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Freitag, 19. November 2010

U.S. Infanterie, Caesar, Valiant, 1:72

The first ones for my customer are nearly finished. A last drybrush and matt varnish. Voila. The Valiant figures couldn´t run away so they get some paint, too. The last picture is for a comparison.

So, die ersten Figuren meines Auftraggebers sind fast fertig. Einmal bürsten und Mattlack und Fertig. Die Valiants konnten nicht weglaufen, deshalb hab ich sie gleich mitbemalt. Das letzte Bild dient als Größenvergleich.


  1. Nice Commissions! I see, you used the colours i told you in the Behin Omaha Forum? Looks like i have to watch out as the "Masterpainter" in our Forum. Seems there´s a new Gun in Town! Well done!

  2. Very well painted!!
    The two figures...are they both under the titel 1/72nd!!?

  3. These are some nicely painted figures mate!
    Great work!
    These Valiant figures, are simply enormous!
    Good detail, but I don't like them! They are far too big!

  4. Well done! Your painting skills are growing! I think the Caesar's miniature looks much better than Valiant's one :)

  5. Thank you, mates. A compliment from the Master himself, Wiking! That makes me a little bit proud ;-)
    The Valiants are too big but labelled as 1:72. I like to paint them but not to have them. Most of my Valiants are for customers or be sold at ebääh.

  6. And yes, Wiking, I used the colours you told me in the Behind Omaha Forum. Thanks a lot for your support!

  7. Great work, and like everyone else cannot stand the size of the Vailant figures.

  8. Brilliant painting.I have always like caesars work.Vailant have some great poses but they can not easily be mixed with other sets which is a shame.

  9. Nice work with Caesar's Americans

    Likewise with the Valiant Americans