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Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Back to buisness, M 24 Chaffee, Revell, 1:76,

Back to buisness, my friends. Here some pictures of another W.I.P. The M 24 Chaffee from Revell. Nice little kit, indeed. This one and one M 36 will be the rest of my U.S. Troops for the next weeks. When finished them I will continue some German Projects first.


  1. Damn Mork, how many kits do you have lying around there? :D

    Merry X-Mas,


  2. Another kit on the go! Mork, are you a plastic kit building robot!

    I have a couple of 2nd hand versions of these, but have never built one myself. What are your views on the construction of the M24?

  3. Is this the Matchbox old Mould. All revell 1/76 appear to be from Matchbox. Nice kit have to get my hands on one

  4. How many projects on the go?Looks like a nice kit.

  5. Yes, this one is an old Matchbox Mould and it is one of the better ones. The parts fit well together.
    How many projects? I don`t know. To many, I suppose :-)